Assisted Living

We Offer Care Plus Compassion

At Grace Village we promote independent living but some of our residents need more of a helping hand.  Our goal is to offer personalized assisted living services. Our holistic approach takes into account exercise, nutrition, human connection, and more, all for the sake of helping our residents live the healthiest lives possible.

Our services include (but are not limted to):

• Medication assistance
• Personal grooming assistance
• Bath assistance
• Meal assistance
• If necessary, escorts to and from meals and events
• Toileting assistance
• Scheduling and follow-up for doctor appointments
• Physical therapy as well as incontinence management
• Diabetes management
• Nebulizer and oxygen management

No matter the resident’s unique needs, our staff are trained and equipped to deliver high-quality assisted living services. Because we believe with the right level of care, our residents can enjoy all the amenities and camaraderie with fellow community members that Grace Village has to offer.