Having the Talk

Tips for an Tough Conversation

The topic of moving to an assisted living facility is uncomfortable for seniors and their loved ones alike. For those looking to broach the subject with a parent or family member, it’s normal to feel nervous or guilty. Here are a few tips to consider when having the conversation:

  • Have a plan. Read up on assisted living and memory care facilities so you understand the type of care provided, and the options available.
  • It’s a two-way street. All parties should be encouraged to speak openly about options. That means all parties should be prepared to listen, too.
  • Wait for the right time. Don’t rush it—pick an opportune time when all parties are feeling as healthy and rested as possible.
  • Identify an ally. Whether it’s the family doctor, a family friend, or another person your family trusts, consider inviting them to the conversation.
  • Be patient. There’s no rush; many families discuss assisted living options many times before ultimately making a decision