Memory Care

Welcome to Support Plus Security

Residents with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other memory impairments face distinct challenges, which means they demand memory care services that meet their unique needs. At Grace Village, our capacity to offer customized, high-quality care allows our residents with memory impairments to live meaningful lives within a safe, comfortable environment.

Our committed staff, which specializes in memory care, provides 24-hour services with an approach that incorporates:

  • Personalized assistance: Many residents with memory impairments have other healthcare needs, too. From medication management to scheduling physician appointments to bathing and grooming, our staff is trained to deliver best-in-class care.
  • Physical activity: Years of research indicates that an exercise regimen—one designed to meet a resident’s capabilities—has the potential to slow mental deterioration. We offer opportunities for yoga, walking, dancing, and more.
  • Mental activity: While an exercise regimen is important, mental exercise is, too. Programs and activities that integrate art and music have the power to decrease anxiety, enhance mood, and provide focus.
  • Human interaction: One of the greatest gifts of any assisted living facility is the inherent community that comes with it. By connecting with fellow residents on a daily basis on their own or through planned activities, those with memory impairments feel less isolated and alone.
  • Resident-friendly design: Whether indoors or out, Grace Village was specifically designed to ensure residents’ safety—which includes those with special physical or memory needs—all while providing a sense of autonomy.

Memory impairments can take a toll on individuals and their families. However, within Grace Village we’ve created an environment where our residents have the healthcare and support to live full, engaging lives.